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how do you put money from paypal back into your bank account?

ok so i am a little bit new to paypal. so say i put about $10 in my paypal account from my bank account. If i want to put that $10 that was in my paypal account back into my bank account how do i do that?

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4 Responses to “how do you put money from paypal back into your bank account?”

  1. David B said :

    If you look closely, there is a “Withdraw” option. That’ll do it!


  2. Milly said :

    You have to link your current account with your Pay pal account. Personally I’m suspect about that even though it must be safe. I tend to spend whatever I’ve earned through eBay back on eBay so it hasn’t really been an issue for me yet.
    I’m sure it’s safe and once you link Pay pal to your bank account you can choose to withdraw funds.

  3. forex expert said :

    there is widhtraw option u can widthraw from there but must have 20$ minimum to cashout

  4. Marie said :

    I’m confused. Now that my bank stmt has indicted 2 paypal deposits, must I confirm with you first,or can I automatically transfer funds into paypal when I make a p.p. purchse?


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