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How does a creditor find your bank account?

There was a levy placed on my current bank account by a bill collecting agency(credit-card debt) and I am stil owing. My dilienma is that I was laid off from my job and I cannot afford to pay right now. I want to file my taxes and have the funds go directly to my bank account. If I do open a new bank account and e-file, will the creditor be able to find my new account and place a levy on it? I would also like to know how they find it (bank account), and how long it usually takes.

Thanks in advance!

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9 Responses to “How does a creditor find your bank account?”

  1. smartypants909 said :

    It takes them about 30 days to find any account you may have by your social secutity number.

  2. sovereign_carrie said :

    You missed your day in court, is how they got your bank information. They sued you because the amount of debt you were in was significant enough to warrent it, you didn’t show up, they won. If you close your current account, you’re opening up a whole other can of worms. There’s also a good chance you won’t be able to open up another account until you get a letter from the collection agency that the debt has been paid. Then they can garnish your wages when you get another job, because you’ve already tried to give them the slip. Your name, social security number and a court order is all they need to access your bank account, any present or future accounts.

  3. Ying said :

    You should have your refund returned as a check then cash it at your bank, hasslesome but safest best from credit card collections, or just let them take the money and be done with the debt than duck them the whole year.

  4. Theresa M said :

    they probably sued you and you did not even know it. They can only get to your bank account if they get a judgement against you. In that case don’t worry too much about a tax return because they will take it from you anyway.

  5. jerry said :

    yes they will,,your taxes will be held as they have a lien on you,,so if you have taxes coming back you will never see it,,talk to the people you owe the money,,you should be able to work out a deal

  6. judy b said :

    have your refund sent in the form of a check.
    They can find your account if they have the imformation.
    Sorry been there too. hang strong it will get better.
    check out dave ramsey site helped me a lot God bless

  7. letsget_dangerous said :

    Well Kay sadly enough it is very easy for a creditor to find your accounts if they have a judgement or lagitiamte claim against you. Would be difficult to set up a new account without them being notified if you already have a lean against an exsisting account. Best solution is to get some financial advise on how you can pay off your debt and become a valuble part of society.

  8. angel eyes said :

    everything we do in life is tracked by our SS#. This is how they learned of your bank account and if your open another one, they will learn of it. It’s unfortunate but if you have a refund due to you, you won’t get it. Because of the levy, all monies you get will automatically go towards the repayment. the only way they cannot track you if you decide to get a job, is by cash payments. this is why i tell my clients that are on welfare- report all earnings; don’t think about not reporting one or the other; we will find out.
    good luck!

  9. Justin Durio said :

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