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How Can you open a bank account with no utility bill?

my boyfriend wants to open a bank account , but he doesn’t have a utility bill as hes only 19 he lives with his parents. he tried to get a phone contract but you need a utility bill for that to, so he’s a little stuck , lol, plus we wanted to rent a house but we wont be able to pass the Reference fees if he doesn’t have a utility bill!! someone please give advice lol. thanks
yes he has a passport and a driving license but hasnt got a votes card.

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4 Responses to “How Can you open a bank account with no utility bill?”

  1. Anthony said :

    does he gave a passport, drivers license and votes card? or a social security book? that all they need as proof as id something with his name and address on it

  2. JIM said :

    He doesn’t need a voters card, but he does have to be registered on the Electoral Roll at his address.

    Basically if you are over 18 and don’t appear on the Electoral Roll for the address at which you reside, you don’t really exist

  3. KernowBoy said :

    Barclays only require a valid UK Passport or UK photocard Driving Licence to open an account. As long as you have one of those then nothing else is require to prove address.

  4. Girlie Electrics said :

    Co-op only needed a passport for my 17-y-old. Pop in and ask them.


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