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What do you do when your bank account has been frozen by a collector?

My friends credit card was declined during dinner and she called the bank and they told her a lawyer in another state froze her account. The bank does not know who the creditor is, only the lawyer. It has been a week and the laywer has not returned any calls and his the phone number provided is a cell phone. We are talkin over $5k frozen. She swears she owes no one, has perfect credit, just received a recent copy of her credit report and everything. Could it be possible identity theft? I’ve done searches trying to find this lawyer, a address or something and cannot find anything, the bank cannot either. Help me, help my friend.

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5 Responses to “What do you do when your bank account has been frozen by a collector?”

  1. MusicMan5537 said :

    Never heard of such a thing. I think your Friend is pulling your leg.

  2. Scott M said :

    if you are for real she needs to contact her bank and the police to find out who has put the hold on her account. it takes a court order to do such a thing.

  3. bdancer222 said :

    If in fact your friend is telling the truth, she should contact an attorney to get to the bottom of this. It could be an error — someone input a bad number.

    The bank should have some kind of document to show her.

  4. SPIFIMAN1 said :

    To have done this someone would had to have taken your friend to court and get a judgment and a court order.

    All of this should be public record and the bank would know who did it. Sounds like your friend is stretching the truth.

  5. OC1999 said :

    A lawyer can not freeze her account. The lawyer would have had to go through several steps. The first is they would have had to file a suit aginst her in a court. They then would have had to get an order to freeze her bank accounts.

    So either the bank is in error(possible), or she is not telling you the entire story(more likely).


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