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When your bank deposit says pending is it available to use?

When I deposit cash to my Chase bank account it always takes like 2- 5 days on pending… Is it available ? Am I able to make online purchases? Can I make transfers? Or do I have to wait til its fully posted?
Thank You in advance…
I am reffering to when I deposit CASH to my bank account. It says pending, am I still able to use it?

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4 Responses to “When your bank deposit says pending is it available to use?”

  1. Gaytheist Buddha said :

    No, look up the definition of PENDING.

    Regulation CC specifies the maximum time a bank can place a hold on deposited checks.

  2. BB said :

    It will show “available” below the pending. That is the amount you are able to use right now.

    You can call them as well:


    “Representatives are available 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM, local time, 7 days a week”


  3. RetiredDebtFree said :

    This can sometimes depend on the status of your account. If you are a long-term, reliable customer your account will generally be set to allow the first $100 or more (even $1000) of a deposit to be “used” while you wait for the check to clear. You can write checks for things like utility bills against it but can not get the ash via ATM or use your debit card to spend it until it clears. And no transfers.

  4. MATT said :

    If it is cash and it says pending there is something wrong. Cash has immediate availability. If this is the case, make sure you let them know to make the money available when you make a deposit.


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