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Whats happening with reclaiming bank charges now since the ruling on the test case?

My claim is currentlyin the county court, it was stayed due to the test case.
Whats likely to happen now?
Should I be expecting the court to recaim my charges because of the test case ruling or is there more legal fobbing off to come from the banks!

Aint it funny how the banks can rob us, but we would get life imprisonment if we even attempted to rob a bank!

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5 Responses to “Whats happening with reclaiming bank charges now since the ruling on the test case?”

  1. Scooby Doo said :

    you are likely to get your money back, there is an appeal, just wait a few more weeks

  2. Davey Deadman said :

    you still have a case, but now so does the bank.

    before they wouldnt let it get as far as court as they knew they were breaking the law and wouldnt win.
    therefore they would lose anyway and then have to pay lots of legal fees, including yours.

    now, they feel that it may be worth taking to court as they may not lose.

    or the judge can just throw a case out now based on the test case results.

    it is wrong of the banks though. i did my charges against natwest last year and they offered me like £100, then a total of £690 or something when I was entitled to at least £1200. But it was christmas, they knew i was skint (they are my bank!) and i was really desperate. Plus it would have cost more money to actually initialise the court proceedings (even though they would bail just before the court date as usual) than I had at the time (even though I would be reimbursed)

    So I folded and took the money. I was backed into a corner and they knew it and think they won but I knew I hadnt shafted myself, it was the best choice over all in that moment.

    Then six months later, they closed my account for unknown reasons…

  3. dels replies said :

    Its not all over yet . More court cases and appea;ls to come….Oh they Willl get their own back… If no fees for O/Drafts etc, they will probably charge a monthly fee for each account, and a charge for each direct debit. They will not give in easily. and the customer wil end up paying more. At the moment it is only those with overdrafts and exceeding limits that pay. Those of us who stay in the black have free banking. As it stands all of us might have to pay in future. So I have no sympathy with those who have incurred these high charges… Their own fault… If you cant manage your affairs without going in the red , then you deserve to pay, So don’t scream about getting rebates or refunds.. It is your own fault. Why penalise the rest of us ?

  4. karen said :

    I am also trying to claim against the bank and still waiting to hear, my bank charged me £63 the other week for one transaction that took me overdrawn by £3, its ridiculous. Good luck to you i hope you get something from them. I have been with my bank for over 20 years and i think it was probably only the second time i had gone overdrawn but also they knew i had money waiting to clear in my account

  5. asksomething said :

    More information about back charges can be found below… The case is due in court again soon.


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