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What is the cheapest way to send money from the UK to India?

My wife and I want to send money to her family in India. The Halifax are going to charge £17 per transaction, Western Union is about £14 for the transaction and a foreign bankers draft costs £10. What other options do we have?

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12 Responses to “What is the cheapest way to send money from the UK to India?”

  1. BOLTS said :

    e-gold or pay pal (if they have access to a computer)

  2. Yogésh D Patel said :

    Have you tried PayPal?

  3. Lord G said :

    Pay Pal – or cash by posting it using Royal Mail International signed for…

  4. KnOwLeDgE_iS_PoWeR said :

    Id risk sending it in the post…….

  5. julianjoepeace said :

    Is that all…skinflint. send em the money and stop deliberating they need the wonga.

  6. abiamto said :

    moneygram charge 4.99 for service

  7. David B said : Free to send, and no more than EUR3.50 to withdraw.

  8. SIMON N said :

    Not only is PayPal one of your cheapest options it’s also one of the quickest.

    Doing a transfer to an Indian bank from a UK bank where you have no international trading history (or more importantly the person receiving the money has non) can take a long time… maybe weeks for funds to be cleared and released – which true but strikes me as bizarre in this electonic age.

    Using PayPal funds can be cleared in a matter of days.

  9. Niall O said :

    £500 pound notes by registered mail

  10. naplusultra said :

    Visit them for Xmas and hand the cash over 🙂 Is the time of year for families to get together. hohoho

  11. st_evenuk said :

    Try a banana boat

  12. a520794 said :

    520794 beers on the wall. sck was here


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