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The best bank account for unemployed people?

I have become unemployed and consequently fallen behind with all my credit card debts. I am considering bankruptcy but have been put off this by people saying that they freeze your bank account once they hear you have declared yourself bankrupt. As I am unemployed, I was just wondering what would be the best bank to approach for just a basic account, should I go down the route of bankruptcy and my two current banks close my accounts down. The two accounts I have are: Halifax basic bank account, and Barclays Savings Account.

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5 Responses to “The best bank account for unemployed people?”

  1. robert w said :

    best one is cash .
    visit to learn ur hard lessons from other mistakes, less costly.
    read ’48 days to work u love’ d.millar.
    will allow u to see ur place differently and give u ways out of ur hole.
    find 2-3 part time jobs while looking for steady full time. start a service biz .
    thinke outside ur box ‘grave’.
    ur not bankrutp u have a cash /career issue.

  2. devilkitten said :

    Try a Nationwide Cashbuilder account.You wont have a debit card or any direct debits coming out though.

  3. pollywallydoodle said :

    Thinkbanking managed account accepts all regardless of bankrupcy or iva. No credit checks. Great account keeps all your bill money to one side and puts the rest to a second account you can access with a maestro debit.

  4. Save Money Guide said :

    If there is one in your neighbourhood, try Credit Union.

    Take a look at

  5. mister ed said :

    right now you need to be on a cash only basis!!!


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