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Is there a credit card for young adults that have no credit what so ever?

Alright, I have searched the internet and asked people this question. I want to get a credit card to help build my credit. But I am having trouble finding a real credit card. I do not want a debit card. I know they exist, so please help me. Is there a real credit card for people with absolutely no credit?

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10 Responses to “Is there a credit card for young adults that have no credit what so ever?”

  1. fetchrat said :

    Try student cards or applying for something very basic with liberal lenders like Capital One.

  2. mattyb781 said :

    If you’re looking specificially for a credit card, you’ll probably need to get a secured credit card. Try a search for “secured credit card.” That will require you to give them a certain amount of money, and then you can use the card up to that amount. If you default on payments, they will keep whatever you owe from the money you put in.

    The best way to build credit is with a checking account. Open a checking account, and pay for things with checks, being very careful not to overspend your account.

  3. Florida Girl said :

    Try It’s what ive used since I was a junior in highschool and i’ve had no problems. I’m not sure if this is just a credit card for students or not but you could check out the website. Good Luck!!

  4. zygote222 said :

    The bank where I had my checking account issued me my first credit card. That was after I had gotten turned down by another company for lack of credit history. This is a common way to get one’s first card. You have established a relationship with your own bank that doesn’t appear on your credit statement, but which your bank can look at as proof that you have assets and are responsible in managing your money.

  5. B.B said :

    Chase or orchard bank

  6. Thomas V said :

    Orchard Bank or First Premier Bank will give you a credit card with no credit.

  7. ms. bug said :

    Sure, you can get student credit cards at chase/bank one, citibank, discover, bank of america….also capital one is really good with building credit, please pay your bill each month on time so your credit stays good and don’t go to first premier, orchard, or imagine – they will fraud you big time.

  8. cowboytf said :

    Yes there are. I provided a link to many different credit cards including ones for young adults. I too recommend Orchard Bank. They approve just about anyone. Good Luck and don’t overspend!!

  9. grierGRIER h said :

    Discover® Student Tropical Beach Card helps the student save money on interest rates, annual fees. It gives a 0% Intro APR on purchases for 6 months, and has no annual fee. Since a student is just beginning his financial life and issues like credit card fraud, identity theft might bother him. Discover® Student Tropical Beach Card comes with $0 fraud liability guarantee and gives absolute peace of mind to its owner. Managing Discover® Student Tropical Beach Card accounts is a breeze because it offers Easiest Online Account Management Options. Almost all account related activities can be done online. This saves a lot of time which can be used to enjoy this golden life even more. Apply online at:

  10. Bassline said :

    Most people can get credit cards through their bank. If you have a checking account, you should definitely look into getting one from your bank, because it is a lot easier (since they can see how much money you have and what your spending habits are like). Since everyone has to start somewhere with building credit, banks are very lenient as to who they will grant credit to. So long as you have some kind of job or income, you should have no trouble getting a credit card, even if you don’t work, you can still get a credit card by getting someone to cosign for you.


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