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What is the most impressive credit card out there?

If you are looking to impress your date, what is the best credit card to show your date you are about it.
Bharat P, tell me a little bit about yourself. I have been in a few bad relationships and I am tired of men who tell lies.

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29 Responses to “What is the most impressive credit card out there?”

  1. Unsuper Hero said :

    Black Amex.

  2. kapn said :

    One with no balance on it……………priceless………..

  3. disenchantedprincess1 said :

    The American Express Black Card

  4. mmfrogmm said :

    its something like the black card or something

  5. Aaron D said :

    black amex

    sky blue amex skys the limit

  6. Pam H said :

    I have never been impressed by a credit card.

  7. Jaime said :

    He’s supposed to pay anyway. Bu-ut if you insist, I guess platinum or diamond level credit cards. Visa, Master Card, American Express…

  8. TINK said :

    i have a chase/bp card…no complaints.

  9. gypsybruce said :


  10. junglejungle said :

    lol.. the best


    credit cards = not your money till it’s paid off

    people who rely on cards and spend too much do the opposite. They only impress me with their lack of common sense.

  11. Marky said :

    So, you need to try and impress someone with a credit card

    I have never heard of anything as shallow and pathetic as that. I suppose trying to impress them with your wit, charm, intelligence, looks is out of the question, so which bank lends you money is probably the best chance you have got

    Have you check which banks are solely run by vegans because I’m sure you wouldn’t get a card from a bank that employs any meat eaters?

  12. gabound75 said :

    Dude…any one which won’t get declined.

    Your date won’t care as long as you’re paying for everything.

    NOTE: Make sure you’re saving enough duckies for yourself, instead of trying to impress people all the time and/or live a bling,bling lifestyle.

    Good luck.

  13. Jason said :

    The AMEX Black Card. Only the highest rollers carry this card. It requires minimum annual spending of $250,000! The annual fee alone is $2500!

    Find a guy with AMEX Black… and you’re set! 😉

  14. mcdannells said :

    Nothing screams smart consumer like a credit card in a million pieces on the kitchen table.
    Cash always impresses.

  15. Pablo said :

    I would not worry about impressing your date with a credit card. Impress a date with being a good person. Do not think about money to impress them. Money comes and goes, but people are forever here.

  16. src50 said :

    I’ve never seen anyone be impressed with a credit card. You are falling for the card issuers’ marketing hype.

  17. kcini8 said :

    Visa it’s the coolest!

  18. Lucky Ellie said :

    Any card is expensive if you dont make the minimium payment on time. lol. to impress a date I would use cash and say I dont believe in credit cards.

  19. Dennis said :

    I’m only impressed by people like me who don’t have a credit card.

  20. Bharat P said :

    none of them they all are a Big Cone and you pay lots of interest on it as you use it , not worthy it it’s easier to have some cash in your purse or a wallet . you do not need a plastic to impress anybody , if you are going out with somebody than is not that your date should fit the bill for you , or is he a cheap scat , if he is cheap scat than you should not go out with this person , go out with me i will take you out somewhere very nice ( INDIAN, MEXICAN, ITALIAN), So what do you say

  21. bikerchick1578 said :

    So, you’re having to buy dates now, huh? You know, someone else mentioned, the guy is supposed to pay… Maybe if you used some soap every once in awhile and stopped digging through your feces, you’d find a real guy who would treat you right.

    now, to the question at hand… credit cards are not impressive. are you really that superficical that you care that much what others think of you??? … oh wait, yes you are. nevermind.

  22. Mrs. Reznor said :

    Personally, I would not be overly concerned if I were you about which credit card you buy a man’s dinner with, he is in it for the free food and doesn’t care how he gets it. If your card gets declined, and you look to him to help pay the bill, I would not let him go to the bathroom until the bill gets paid.

    Hey, what happened to Cornelius, your current boyfriend that you love so much, are you suddenly trying to get him to see that you are “about it”?

    To Bharat P.: There may be a free meal in this for you, but I would look at her previous Q/A before you step into this train wreck.

  23. bob said :

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    Good luck!

  24. sad scottie said :

    haha Mrs Reznor is hilarious!

    Go Mrs Reznor!! :o)

  25. Smelly Chocolate Chips said :

    I recommend you go with the Black Tarry Visa.
    I’m sure Bharat P wouldn’t be interested in a guy er uh girl that is so shallow that she thinks that a person’s character is based on what kind of credit card they use.

  26. Dave R said :

    You know, these people on this forum are good sports, don’t you think?

    For me, the most impressive card I can think of is the American Express Black Card. The thing is, if a person feels he or she needs this to impress a date, then there is a serious self-esteem problem.

  27. Pain in the Neck said :
  28. count chocula said :

    “Bharat P, tell me a little bit about yourself. I have been in a few bad relationships and I am tired of men who tell lies.”

    could you BE more desperate?


  29. Black Card Mike said :

    You can certainly go after a man with a black card, but make sure it is the AMEX Centurion or maybe even the Visa black card.


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