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Bank of America withdraw from my bank account a payment without my consent. What should i do?

I have a credit line with Bank of America and they withdraw money from my personal account (not with B of A or any of its affiliates) without my consent. I called and they told me that my wife gave the authorization, but it is not true. I do have past due amounts, but I have always called every month to state my financial situation and ask for more time to which they have agreed.

Can I sue them? What should I do?

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6 Responses to “Bank of America withdraw from my bank account a payment without my consent. What should i do?”

  1. Sharon T said :

    Go in person and talk to the manager.

  2. Don E said :

    If you are on your wife’s` card and she authorized auto pay, no you can` tsue.

  3. Slimick said :

    It sounds like you gave out your bank transit and checking # to an internal collection department at Bank of America….

    Giving your checking account # to collectors is a huge mistake. Once they have this info there is nothing to stop them from attempting to withdraw any amount at any time….This almost invariably lead to hundreds of dollars in bounced check fees.

    You can’t sue them….If I were you I would seriously think about calling your bank first thing tomorrow morning and having your checking account canceled and reissued under a new # that BOA does not have. If you don’t do this there is nothing to stop BOA from making additional withdraws from your checking account. Pay BOA only via USPS money orders….photocopy for your records.

  4. Chris said :

    So BOA using your other banking numbers contacted your bank and withdrew money as a payment.

    First, how did they get your bank numbers? If you are sure that you and your wife did not authorize this then you can notify your bank in writing that this payment was not authorized and ask for an investigation. Not through BOA but your bank they took the money from.

  5. sasil85 said :

    It must be true. Don’t get in debt over your head and it won’t happen.

  6. mailbox yellow said :

    The Slave of the Husband…

    Trying to get forward to finding out more from you afterward!……


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