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How do i get a bank account with poor credit?

I have poor credit,and i need a new bank account.I’m not bothered about overdraft facilities or anything like that,so long as my direct debits can go out? Does anyone know who’s more likely to give me one? (UK only please!)
Thanks Bigbaps! I’ve just applied online and it only took five minutes,i’ll get an answer in 7 days,so,fingers crossed!

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10 Responses to “How do i get a bank account with poor credit?”

  1. julie t said :

    abbey will give you a basic account most banks have one

  2. Biz Guru said :

    You should be able to get a basic bank account with most banks. These were set up last year for cases such as yourself. If this is not possible investigate what the Post Office can do for you.

    With poor credit you may not be allowed to use direct debits – in which case ask if you can use standing orders or internet payments. The latter you will have to do yourself. This should build up your credit again. Good luck.

  3. pageys said :

    With great difficulty.

  4. b97st said :

    As far as I know most banks will give you a basic bank account. Halifax have one where they give you a Solo card or Visa Electron.

  5. mike b said :

    Just search for bank accounts on the web.You’ll fill the form out online,and one of them will definately give you one.Try it.

  6. Smooth Operator said :

    Go into yoru lcoal branch and tell them you want to open up a new account.

  7. bigbaps said :

    stacey if i were you i would go to halifax.i have very poor credit rating as well and i have just opened an account with them.its called easy cash can have direct debits and use your card at cash machines and get ya self to halifax stacey x

  8. Laurs x said :

    hey .I had the same problem as you. either go to Barclays and ask for a cash card account. they don’t do credit checks its a simple bank account. or the best one is Nationwide. I have opened one with them. you can do it online. its called the Flex Account. they are brill. no overdrafts but you can still have direct debits. hope this helps. x

  9. mery said :

    i got a basic account with natwest.

  10. david m said :

    you can open an account with alliance and Leicester on line and get an instant decision, if you apply for the young workers current account then you will be guaranteed accepted theres reasons y i know this, you will be able to use direct debits and will be issued with a visa debit card, you can get an overdraft but dont apply for that on line, get the account open first

    Hope this helped


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