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Does anyone know what documents i can use to open a bank account in the UK?

And what do i need to just open a basic bank account? I don’t have a passport or driver licence. I have one bank account but need another. I seem to remember my friend having a basic bank account.

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8 Responses to “Does anyone know what documents i can use to open a bank account in the UK?”

  1. LauraYeah.™ said :

    a birth certificate, proof of address like a bill, & some sort of photo id like a college card or bus pass
    basically bring anything you can find


  2. Liverpool FC said :

    birth certificate


  3. JR B said :

    A paid utility bill would be useful.

  4. insel71 said :

    I think you need a proof of address a resent bank statement or a bill with your name and address would help and maybe a birth certificate. The best bet would be to ask the bank.

  5. k said :

    When I opened one I took my Birth Certificate and an old voting card from the Local Council as proof of address.

  6. Paula O said :

    You will need anything that can prove your ID on it.

  7. unsure said :

    check on the bank’s web site for their guidance on suitable documents that they will accept.

    Personally I would avoid Nat West (and any others in the group) as they punish innocent crime victims without checking their facts. Lloyds/TSB deal with fraudulent transactions in a far more effective and and customer friendly manner. Lloyds assume innocent until proved guilty – Nat West on the other hand assume the customer is guilty.

  8. Health Freak said :

    birth certificate, proof of address maybe proof of salary. You will definately need photographic proof such as a passport or driving licence.


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