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What would be the perfect bank account for me?

I’m 14, 15 soon, I want a bank that will give me as many rewards as possible, high interest rates etc.

Anyone able to provide information will get an easy 10pts!

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11 Responses to “What would be the perfect bank account for me?”

  1. Little Big Boy said :

    The best advice i can give you is to go for a building society account. Halifax are offering some serious rewards and i left Lloyds as i could not resist there offers.

  2. Kris said :

    Swiss bank accounts

  3. colin ---why? said :

    Not knowing where you live—this is a little difficult, but go on line to www. icici bank.
    This is the best instant access bank in the UK at the moment

  4. Ed said :

    High interest requires high deposits. Try the building society, like Nationwide, or a local one. They usually give the best interest.

    Decide if you want things like a cashcard.

  5. Alison P said :

    I use ING Direct. They have good interest rates.

  6. Gareth L said :

    Well, Natwest and Royal bank of scotland do great accounts for young adults (14 years old +). You can also try barclays as there rewards are good and free.

    Hope this helps

  7. speak up said :

    decide on future events first-will i buy a car with a personal loan? maybe a house later on—look into/research the types of places that have lifetime benefits for you ,so you have a history with them–THAT’S MY ADVICE

  8. lilmissqtpye said :

    Since you’re young I’m assuming you won’t be depositing tons of money. And you’ll probably want something you can easily access. If so, go with a money market account or certificate of deposit (CD). I won’t suggest an individual bank since rates and terms vary quite a bit. Visit for rates in your area.

    It’s good to see you’re thinking about the future at a young age. Good luck!

  9. Fisher said :

    Check out to figure out who has the highest interest rates this week. After seeing who is on the top of the list, sort through their web sites and find out if they allow teenagers to open accounts with them.

    Tips for a teenager: Start a Roth IRA (look it up, read about it) ASAP–this is a tip that may pay off with several hundred dollars when you’re retired many years from now. I wish I had started mine 8 years earlier than I did.

  10. Yarcofin said :

    Get a chequing account, and make sure that you also get a student account. Most banks will waive your fees entirely if you are a student. There is no reason you should be paying bank fees at age 15.

    If you want to earn some interest, also open up a savings account. You might not be able to take out your money as easily as a chequing account but you’ll make around 4%.

    If you live in Canada, BMO and TD are good choices.

  11. Fall J said :

    Building a society account will get you lots of money!


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