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Who is the best non dealing desk forex broker?

I want to start off with Forex Trading. I want to know the genuine website for Forex trading. Only the names of forex brokers which are non dealing desks. Please get back to me ASAP.

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5 Responses to “Who is the best non dealing desk forex broker?”

  1. Randy said :

    My company deals in Forex education and access to a 24hr live trade room. If you are really interested in trading we train you in our swing trade while professional traders are right beside you.

    Click the source link to check us out if you want.

  2. b2fnow said :

    The word “best” is a relative term, to which you do not illude; best spreads, best trading platform, best executions? A lot of beginners consider lowest spreads to be “best.”

    Whether forex brokers are “non dealing desks,” I do not know, but easy enough for you to check out.

    Spreads are fairly equivalent throughout the legitimate industry. That is not the most important question.

    Your trading platform is most important, with a good data feed. Executions are more important than the spread, because they can eat up your penny or two spread difference on just a few trades if they’re sneaky. The rules they apply are more important than any spread difference. I had one forex broker at FXDD that wouldn’t take market orders in a fast market around reports. Incredulous.

    Anyway, the best way to take a look at forex is to download NinjaTrader for free, and use the simulator that comes with it. The futures and forex datafeeds are free also.

    The futures and forex data feeds are free. I get better fills with forex futures, but have NinjaTrader with forex spot installed on a separate computer and trade both. Futures margins are less than anywhere I’ve found, at $500 for forex futures and emini S&P and Dow. AmpFutures uses Dorman for their futures broker, and the Forex spot account is through and Gain Capital. The Ninjatrader people will set you up with all of it.

    I’ve tried several forex brokers and trading platforms, but Ninjatrader rocks, and it’s free

    I’m pretty sure Thinkorswim also allows trading of forex futures. In fact, most futures brokers will trade forex futures.

  3. kingrich316 said :

    I strongly suggest you consider Forex Fap Turbo and you can get a good broker easily through them without a lot of extra hassle. Forex Fap Turbo is probably the most popular system on the go today.

    You might also want to check out the Forex Money Train software though in your case I might suggest the above.

  4. Duncan said :

    Personally I use a broker in UK. Their fees are low. I use their account in conjunction with a software program in forex currency exchange.
    Check it out.
    I hope that help

  5. Mark said :

    Forex-Metal is a good non-dealing desk broker. I recommend it.


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