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What is the best method for trading forex?

Looking to find the best forex course out there, anyone have an idea?

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15 Responses to “What is the best method for trading forex?”

  1. Jon said :

    The best method for trading forex that I have come across is called price action analysis. I learned from a really knowledable australian trader named Nial Fuller. Here is his website:

  2. Rubin M said :

    There are a few trading systems that work. I use a bollinger band breakout system with dynamic volatility that works good.

  3. Justin E said :

    Here is a broker who offers free Forex and futures demo platforms with live data feeds. Plus I can get you in touch with are educational partners.

    AMP Trading is the largest NinjaTrader brokerage firm. We are pleased to offer the NinjaTrader platform powered by Zen-Fire, Trading Technologies and Ninja FX. Our support team is fully Ninja trained and eager to support you reach your trading goals. Call us today toll free 800-560-1640 / Int’l 001* 312-893-6400 and ask for “Justin” or register at

  4. The Geek said :

    The first and MOST important method is proper money management. You mess that up, you are as good as gone!

    Once you get that mastered, you will have the chance to slowly find a system that suits you. Or develop one yourself.

    I personally developed The Koala System for myself and now share it for free with many others at my blog. Objective of the system is prevent newbies to forex from entering trade in the wrong direction. but note IT IS NOT a get rich fast system. I personally do not believe in such.

    At the end of the day, proper money management will be the one to help you stay in the trade..

    If you wish to read more about forex and The Koala System you can visit my blog.

    Trade safe!

  5. Alba said :

    here you find the list of best forex trading sites that offer free course and demo account

    good luck

  6. John said :

    good question asked. very informative

  7. poison said :

    Finding a reliable broker is the first step and then trade for 3 months on demo account.
    You can get info about dmeo forex accounts at

  8. said :


    It may help you it may not but SystemsForTraders is a completely free resource offering 100% Honest and Independent reviews of many Forex trading systems and signal services. And, if they like a system/service they report all of their trades in their online journals.

  9. trader said :

    My favorite trading courses of all time are the forex hidden systems and the super forex system. The hidden systems is good for those that are just starting in this market. It was useful for me when i started trading, but I don’t use much anymore since I needed something more flexible. Anyways, I consider it a good starting point.

    The super forex system is te most complete course I bought. It has so many strategies and tips that it’s suitable to beginners and advanced traders.

  10. OKBusinessGroup@ said :

    I use a forex autobot called IVYBOT just on the standard settings 80% of my trades are in profit.
    The cheapest I have found it is here for $29.95

  11. Gigi said :

    If you are a beginner, i suggest you to use Marketiva, which is a very good platform to start trading with and very easy to use.

    Marketiva gives you 5$ real to start trading so you don’t have to deposit and if you made profit from it you can cash out, this is why it’s very good for beginners. Their platform is very easy to use and they have support during trading hours for your questions, doubts etc.

    They also have chat channels where you can talk, exchange opinions and ideas with traders of your country or international traders.

    To open your account please visit

  12. Answerholic said :

    I think the bes form of education in this game is experience. Read books and apply the principles in your demo account or trade with small capital i.e. $300. You can learn from others, but some things just need to be experienced.

  13. SHOOTER586 said :

    One of the best ways of learning is to have a system do it for you and you can see what is working and what is not.

    Here is a website that gives a great summary of automated systems that will trade for you.

  14. Forex said :

    We are professional forex traders and have a lot of resources to learn about forex on our site.
    Be sure to check them out, they will get you started on your endevour.

  15. DR. Rea said :

    Check this site for best options for forex trading. You won’t be disappointed.

    Best of Luck…


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