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Do you realy make money trading Forex currency markets or is it best left to the banks?

I have just converted a website bought on Ebay to my own. Its called Evan though I re-designed the site with banners etc, I am very nervous about actually trading myself. All the bumph on the site says it is recession proof and you can make a lot of money.

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8 Responses to “Do you realy make money trading Forex currency markets or is it best left to the banks?”

  1. Michael E said :

    i dont know about that never tried it myself but i did try alot of websites claiming i could make alot of money. i figure 99% of them were bull. i ended up loosing money. but if your looking for a way to get money try here its acctually legit and it gives you the option to get an xbox or cash simple and legit. i tried it. it works.

  2. tyler said :

    whats up with all these questions about Forex? what is it even?

  3. Kevin S said :

    Hahaha you bought a website and don’t know jack about it?

    Forex is a market, you can make a lot of money if you work harder and are better than 98% of everyone else who tries, which takes more time and effort than 98% are willing to put in.

  4. John said :

    Sorry, but that was a bad idea. Fabturbo says they can double your money every month. Do you really think that is possible. Please, look at this site with an open mind and reconsider. Nothing is recession proof. Get out before its too late.

    Try this site for getting investing tips. Also, it gives tips on the commonest scams.

    Good luck.

  5. Elliott said :

    The forex market is not an a place for easy money. To invest or trade in the forex market you need to understand how it works, what effects different events have and how much. It takes time and lots of experience and maybe even some losses before you are able to make consistent profits in the forex market.

  6. Bob J said :

    You can make money, but becareful use a little money… But you should try Simulated forex trading, a demo account before you trade with your own money..

  7. Mark said :

    I certainly wouldn’t feel right about promoting a product that claims to teach how to succeed at forex trading if you’ve never even tried it yourself. The least you can do is give it a try – maybe reporting on your progress would add a little value and interest to your site?

  8. Redslazers said :

    99% of Forex programs and ideas are going to lose money rather than make money. You need to find a program or idea that hardly anyone knows about since those are going to be making you the most money.

    You should read lots of articles about the Forex system and see which one sound plausible and which ones sound like a total scam. Model your site on the ones that seem plausible because that going to get you the most business. has some great articles and it isn’t as well known as other so you should be able to get some good advice from there.


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