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How does one become a forex broker?

What do you need to do to setup a currency trading firm providing forex products to businesses?

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2 Responses to “How does one become a forex broker?”

  1. Vanorton said :

    Hi there,

    Well first of all I opened up my own firm 2 years ago so I can offer you some incite on this matter. I do everything from stock, bonds, mutual funds, insurance, annuities, wealth management, options, futures etc you get the point.

    You are going to need several things.

    1.) clients,
    2.) e/o insurance
    3.) you need to produce at least 200k in gross commission to even be looked at if your opening up a firm.
    4) compliance officer
    5) clearing company to clear you trades.
    6) series 7 license (allows you to trade equities)
    7) series 63 license ( allows you to practice in your state)
    8) futures license
    9) Insurance License
    10) series 66 or 65 license allows you to charge for your advise and time.
    11) and you need experience.

    Those are just a few things you need along with marketing etc.

    I got to run I saw your post and thought I would give you a little info.

  2. Elina Shark said :

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