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What is the best free forex tracking program for technical analysis?

I’m just starting forex trading and was wondering what tracking program would be best for me to begin to do Technical Analysis with. It would be nice if I could use a free program or at least a low cost one but if I need to I’ll spring for a program to help me track currencies and develop a trading strategy. User friendliness is key because I’m a totally novice trader. Any reading materials for learning better TA or websites are also greatly appreciated.

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5 Responses to “What is the best free forex tracking program for technical analysis?”

  1. swingkid said :

    A lot of people seem to use MT4, and many brokers offer this trading platform free with a demo account or with a real money account. It has many technical indicators you can use for free.

    I’d probably recommend InterbankFX as a good place to start. They have a lot of educational information as well as offering free demo accounts.

  2. Robert M said :

    Don’t waste your time or money.

  3. maverick16sg said :

    I use Interbankfx Meta Trader 4 for my charts. Very easy to use. Has a lot of technical indicators to use, though I do not use them.

    Its charts covers a number of time frames ranging from monthly to hours to mins and even down to tick charts.

  4. Lucilly1977 said :

    I would put them in order:

    1) Real Money Doubling Forex Robot Fap Turbo

    2) Forex Autopilot – Robots Trading The Forex Market.

    3) Trading From Home – Forex Robot. The Newest Hottest Forex Software On The Market

    4) Forex Avenger. Simply The Best Forex Course On the Forex.

    5) The Forex Killer!

    6) Forex Hoster – MetaTrader And Expert Advisor Forex

    7) Forex Funnel – Weve Got The Industry By The Pips!

    8) Forex Software Automatically Advices You When To Trade.

    9) 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder!

    10) The Forex Kingpin.

  5. Xelam said :

    you may want to check your options in this site. for one they offer personal service by way of a personal Account Service Manager or ASM to be your mentor, consultant and trading partner as well. being a newbie it is greatly recommended for you to have the services of an ASM so you could discuss live over the phone, email or chat your trading strategies and what other analyses you need to improve your trading skills. the best thing these days is they offer great rebates if you open an account now, the higher the level the bigger rebates you can get. if you are looking for a user friendly site. you will have to consider looking at this site.


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