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What is the best forex training course I can buy? What is the best book on forex trading?

I am a beginner who wish to learn before forex trading. Thank You.

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7 Responses to “What is the best forex training course I can buy? What is the best book on forex trading?”

  1. johnwoo5 said :

    There are so many out there !

    join for a virtual acxcount wth no money and try each course out for 30 days and see !!!

    also email me the results if you do

    [email protected]

    Thanks !!!

  2. Dreamer said :

    I don’t know about buying a forex training course when theres so many resources on forex online. Here are some of the sites that i use to teach me more about forex/sharetrading. The websites below have very helpful resources regarding currency trading & theyre all free! I’ve personally found them very useful in learning about forex trading and its sharetrading counterpart.

  3. Charlie Mike said :

    There a few around check out this forex site @
    Dr Alexander Elder is an excellent author. Look out for his titles. The 3 legs of Forex is
    1. Trading Psychology
    2. Money Management
    3. Trading Methods/systems

  4. David D said :

    There are some useful tips here.

  5. dredude52 said :

    Trading is probably the most difficult business you will ever encounter, and the most challenging. Forex only adds to the difficulty of trading with increased leverage. If you have no experience with trading, then you should trade free on a simulator for several months while you learn. Here is the forex simulator, and then a stock simulator

    Forex simulator:

    Stock trading simulator:

    There are also great resources for Forex at
    Here are some others

    Here is the broker I use but I have heard good things about FXCM also:

  6. Jordan L said :

    The best Forex Training is a group called JCL’s Forex Trading Group,

  7. rahul said :


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