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For forex trading what is the best combination of broker and platform?

I’m a beginner and want to gain an understanding of the best combinations. I heard Visual Trader 2.0 and Metatrader are good – but which brokers can i get these platforms with? And are there are any good platforms you would recommend?

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4 Responses to “For forex trading what is the best combination of broker and platform?”

  1. Mark B said :

    I have been using for a long time and have found they have everything you need to get started and continue trading with all the help you want. Most everything is free and you can do as many practice account as you want until you are ready to trade. Good Luck, and be careful

  2. Common Sense said :

    First you must start with the premise that all FX brokers are poor. You just need to pick the least poorest for you.

    InterbankFX is considered by many to be the best MT4 platform out there. I’ve used it and….. for the most part… was happy with it.

    Personally, GFT is my current choice. Their charting package is good and the customer service is better than most.

    Don’t let the hype for FX fool you. Making a profit over the long run is going to be a challenge… and for most… a downright dangerous money losing propostion.

  3. Michael C said :

    Have a look at to find some of the trusted forex brokers.

  4. Sand said :

    I have found that etoro for me a beginner has been very easy to use and an excellent broker. They have been very helpfull and therefore I have made money with them.
    Please go to my site to see a review of them.


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