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Which credit card companies would have me, and which would you recommend?

I am 19-years-old. I am a university student and other than my grant/loan and earnings from a summer job, I have no regular income (I saved over summer), but I have enough money to live comfortably at uni. I do not want to spend any money on a credit card, but it would be useful to have one to book hotel rooms and things like that.

And for those Americans on here, I am in Britain looking for British credit cards, and while I appreciate your willing to help, your answers are usually about as useful as a nun’s tits.
NHBS appears to be American. Thank you, but not at all helpful.
I have a debit card, Maestro (Switch), but some services accept only credit cards. This year I’m planning on doing some travelling and many hotels will only take credit cards to book with… just to book, not to charge.

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16 Responses to “Which credit card companies would have me, and which would you recommend?”

  1. Gee L said :

    hi good morning, have you tried checking the NHBS, inc…i got assistance from them for my student credit etc etc

    just see thru their site wait let me check

  2. sug_daddy_2000 said :

    none get a debit card you can do all the same things with it but you wont have to pay later. that gfets alot of people in trouble look at the avg american debt

  3. jeanimus said :

    Try your own banks first. They usually have a better interest rate (even tho youre going to pay it off every month – but just in case) plus they already know you. If you havent had credit before it can be difficult to get it from a card company cos you have no track record.

  4. Rony said :

    Credit card…It depends for what. I found interesting information about your answer & credit card options here. luck!

    May be you need a debit card…

  5. wildimagination2003 said :

    Useful as a nuns ****! Ha! Classy! 😀 Well oh studious one,.. I suggest for your sanity you STAY AWAY from having a credit card, their issuers only have ONE goal,.. to make money out of you,. and usually this means plentiful supplies of misery, pain and hardship; all for what? A few shopping sprees and/or some ‘much needed bits n pieces’.
    You’d be WELL advised to NOT get one and tell the financial institutions of this world to wholeheartedly go **** themselves and be the wiser one of a mass of stupid people who have a credit card and aren’t wise enough to see just how BAD they can be.
    You need a credit card like a cat needs a mad dog for a neighbour.

  6. vskane2000uk said :

    You’re a student – you should have some form of card offer from your bank. Ask them and they’ll probably be only to happy to help.

    If you don’t fancy yet another credit line then here’s an interesting one – not saying its any good but if you have the cash and just need the payment method it may be for you.

    Myvesta have a pre-paid mastercard. I probably don’t need to explain much more about it. Here’s the link.

  7. wolves_maz said :

    Personally I wouldn’t recommend any. I have survived this far in my life without a credit card and have no desire to change that. They cost the earth in charges and besides why pay someone money you don’t have anyway…

    Enjoy life and stick to a debit card. Atleast that way you are not out of pocket paying out charges… You can then only spend what is available in your bank account…

    Don’t most places take debit cards – so why get a credit card then?

  8. nicolabuddah said :

    Big mistake to get a credit card ! But try your bank . If they turn you down try vanquis , capital one , aqua or citi card all nasty interest rates. Barclaycard do one too. But my advice is to STAY AWAY !

  9. fashion d said :

    A Credit card is a form of borrowing that often involves charges. So it’s wise to compare terms and fees before you agree to open a credit or charge card account. Try looking for a credit cardwhich credit cards you should apply for? Shop around because not all credit cards for people with bad credit are created equal.

  10. tim t said :

    Getting a HSBC credit card is quite easy. Applying for a HSBC credit card is a simple procedure that can be completed in a short time online. The initial step is the selection of card. Search for HSBC credit cards on the Internet and select the one that is most appropriate for your needs. Once you have chosen the preferred card, the next step is to submit basic information, such as your personal details. After you have done this, fill out the application details to indicate your card instruction choices like ATM, language etc.

  11. FRANK W said :

    you cannot have a credit card you have no income its people like you that stuff other people

  12. REBECCA R said :

    capital one uk

  13. support worker said :

    Most banks will award you a credit card, don’t always trust the ones that specialise “”for students”” their apr / interest is often backbreaking.
    Also be aware that once you have a card they will keep bombarding you with mail telling you how easy it is to spread costs and get what you want…until the day you realise that your up to your a**e in a pool full of alligators and someone forgot to pull the plug out……………..ouch!!

  14. Eleimon said :

    hello there,

    I remember I was in the same position when I was your age and I do agree that being a student does not necessarily mean that every financial institution will open its doors for you.

    Before I answer your question, I am tempted to give you a piece of advice. Credit card companies in general base their decision to issue credit cards on previous credit history and for you to have one, you need to have something that you pay for in your name. In most cases, a utility bill will do, as well as a mobile bill (if you are on a contract).

    Now, I think that your best choices must be two.

    First, the bank that you bank with at the moment. Just arrange an appointment with a customer services adviser and ask them for a credit card. They will ask you for some info and then they will take you through the application. Try it, you have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.

    Secondly, Capital One ( might be an option, since they do specialise in people with no, or limited, credit history. You go through an online application process and if they accept you, you have your foot on the ladder of credit. Mind you though that the interest rate they charge is quite high compared to other credit cards, but then again, they are undertaking more of a risk with a person that doesn’t have a credit history, so they need to compensate for that by charging higher interest rates.

    Let me also mention at this point that trying your luck and going for many applications does not necessarily increase your chances of getting one. Far from it, a high number of rejected applications goes on your credit file (the one that is kept and exchanged by banks and other credit reference agencies) and makes getting a credit card harder.

    I hope this helps.

  15. Physics-Student said :

    CapitalOne Classic card is all you want to build (or rebuild) your credit rating from scratch.

    Try this link:

    Hope this helps.

  16. Reevesy said :

    ok try this card but in the uk it is very hard to get credit without status,bank&gclid=CO2iwJ6qt44CFQaNHgodQFfWyw

    please give it a go but the apr is high enjoy the travelling sugguest Australia Singapore Etc


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