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How can I get around paying credit card charges in the uk?

I have a Barclay card, and they charge me £12.00 for going over the limit or for paying too late. I read in the papers over the summer about how the banks were being taking to court for charging too much for these sorts of charges.

Does anyone know of any websites where I can download a letter that I can send to the credit card company to get a refund? At least, does anyone know where I can get advice about this sort of issue, as I want my money back!

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9 Responses to “How can I get around paying credit card charges in the uk?”

  1. old know all said :

    They are being taken to Court for charging £30. £12 is probably less than it costs them and would be considered reasonable. If you don’t want to be charged, stick to the terms of the agreement.

  2. TheHoodedClaw said :

    £12.00 is reasonable. If you’ve been charged more than that in the past you need to re-claim it. Excellent website, has advice and letter templates….

  3. jamiedo999 said :

    Iff you dont want to get involved with credit charges borrow off mum or dad

  4. cbr60037 said :

    Speak to them i believe they will refund 2 or 3 if you can give them an excuse,as others said banks are going to court so no chance at moment good luck.

  5. Veronica Alicia said :

    If you pay it off every month, they won’t charge you.
    Look at it the other way – if you had some money in a deposit account (i.e. loaned to the Bank) would you expect some return (interest) on the money you have loaned them?
    They are doing the same thing. They have loaned you some money and expect to have some interest for lending it to you instead of investing it somewhere else where they would be paid interest.
    That’s the way it works.

  6. Citizen said :

    Given that standard penalty charges are about £30, I think you are unlikely to have a case.

    However, the following website should give some useful advice:
    Money Saving Expert: Consumer Revenge – Credit Cards, Shopping, Bank Charges, Cheap Flights and more

  7. claimbankchargesback said :

    You cannot claim back for credit card charges of £12 unfortunately.

    Credit card charges were the first charges that could be claimed, before the bank charge movement started. The OFT investigated these charges which used to be as high as £30.

    They decided that £12 was a fair charge, and the maximum that could be charged. As a result, the card companies set £12 as their fee being the most they could take. As a result any charges of £12 or less cannot be reclaimed.

    Its a good idea to set up a standing order, which make your payment automatically each month. Make sure you allow 5 days for the money to go onto your card. When you have that setup, you won’t have to worry about paying late again and it will cut down some of your charges.

  8. Philp Swallow said :

    You broke your agreement with them,

    I guess you could use PR pressure, but I don’t think you it is justified.

    Go onto their web site, find the “problems with repayment”
    grovel and debase yourself saying that you didn’t understand that if you fail to pay by the time agreed, you would pay a penalty…that you wont’ do it again, that you are very sorry…
    and then next time get a new credit card.. and you can repeat the whole proceedure.

    or you could work for an hour or two to earn the extra money, and remember to keep you commitments next time. has good rates on cards especially when in foreign countries, but they too make you pay if you
    don’t stick to the agreement. I’ve paid a fine. I grumbled, but I blame myself.

    hope you learn from the experience

  9. Norm said :

    Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brihngteed my day!


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