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What does transfering money to your credit card account do?

Obviously you pay off a credit card bill with a check or using bill pay through your bank. I have a credit card account through Wells Fargo, and I notice that when I choose to transfer money from my checking account to one of my other Wells Fargo accounts, I can transfer it to my savings as well as my credit card account. What happens when I transfer money to my credit card account? I did not know you can do such a thing. Is that for stashing cash away so I have money come bill paying time?

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3 Responses to “What does transfering money to your credit card account do?”

  1. minime said :

    It just pays your balance. It is for convience.

  2. lisa s said :

    yes, it is just like making a payment!

  3. M P said :

    no it will actually count as a payment

    I do it all the time with my Citibank and Chase accounts


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