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What is the optimum amount of money u need to borrow in order for the interest earned to cover the repayments?

Is this possible after first borrowing a large amount of money, then refusing to repay it back. Then going on to debt management and a reduced payment amount. If u took out more than one of these loans could u actually MAKE money and never have to work again.

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5 Responses to “What is the optimum amount of money u need to borrow in order for the interest earned to cover the repayments?”

  1. JudgeStan said :


  2. Jon said :

    If that was possible everyone would do it.

    The interest charged on loans will always be a lot higher than the rate offered for safe investments, because:
    a) covering the lenders costs.
    b) if the lender could make more by putting their money in the investment, they would have put it there, not loaned it to you.

    Borowing to invest elsewhere means either:
    – you are onto a good investment opportunity others do not know about (this is REALLY rare),
    – or, you are investing somewhere too risky for others to consider,
    – or, you are being silly and wasting money by investing at a return lower than the interest you are paying.

  3. Jimbo said :

    What are you smoking? Best put it out.

  4. mjohnsonmobile said :

    How does jail sound? Defrauding a lender is illegal, if you take out a loan from the beggining and have no intent to repay hope you like the color orange.

  5. mickbhall said :

    there is 1 way but hard and rare to get it you need a card with 0% for every thing for ist year and what you do is take half money off card put in hight intrest then do your day to day purchases on it pay min payments for first year and the money in your normal bank wages etc transfer bits and pices which would normqlly go on day dsy stuff it is very hard need net banking must have 100% intr4est free


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