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I need some financial help. Can anyone give any sources that will loan money? no pay-day loans please?

I am not interested in any scams. This is a serious matter to me. My credit has took a down fall because of a lay off 2 yrs ago, but I work full- time now (approx 1yr). My credit score is only 520 and I have tried my bank, but was turned down.

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8 Responses to “I need some financial help. Can anyone give any sources that will loan money? no pay-day loans please?”

  1. RAY said:

    There are high risk lenders but your interest rates will be based according to the risk. One place that comes to mind here in the Cleveland is Household Finance and I think they are in other states as well. Consider talking to a credit union, to your employer, or family/friends. Make sure that you can afford the loan or your credit score will get worse instead of better. Sometimes when people “need” loans they cannot afford the repayments.

  2. Jaclyn said:

    If you have to get a loan (debt should be avoided if possible) talk to every bank and credit union in town. If you have a steady job you should be able to find someone willing to loan you money.

  3. hello said:

    respectbable sister ;
    how much money you need ?

  4. See Saw said:

    Today the lenders have started offering nearly all varieties of loans for people with poor credit record.They are also introducing many new loan products meant for this group. Now people with poor credit can get the same choices as those with the good or mediocre credit. Today you can use bad credit personal loans for many purposes like car purchase, vacation or even debt consolidation.

  5. afriendinflorida said:

    what state are you in? try american financial, beneficial or small loan companies

  6. gddyup said:


  7. manjushreepradipta said:

    mail me to — [email protected]

  8. Curiam said:

    Of course the type of lender you need will depend on what you are purchasing and what type of assets you have to back up the loan with. You will not get an unsecured loan at least no reputable company will do so. If you have assets to borrow money against there are many options I would look up on the internet something called hard money lenders and make sure you put your city and state when doing so.


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