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Do you need a bank account to purchase something with paypal?

I have a paypal account and a bank account. Is paypal similar to a secondary bank account? Can I use paypal by itself to make payments, or do I need to link it with my bank account to submit payment? I am asking this question, because every time I log in to paypal, it says that I have zero dollars on my account. I wonder what that means. I have money on my bank account. Why doesn’t it show up in paypal? So, is paypal like a separate bank account or what?

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2 Responses to “Do you need a bank account to purchase something with paypal?”

  1. justwondering said :

    It is just a portal that allows you to keep your credit card numbers and bank account numbers private – from those sellers you are purchasing from. It is a safety net.

  2. Sheila M said :

    You can use the paypal account by its self if there is money in it. It says zero because it is not a reflection of your personal bank account, just what someone has paid you. It only shows what people have sent you to that paypal account, not your bank. If the bank account is linked to it, the bank account is just a back up. You could still use it then if it says $0, because it would then take it out of your bank. You can request money from your bank to be put into paypal. takes 4 or 5 business days. And you can also take the money out of paypal and send it to your bank, takes 4 or 5 days. You can also get the paypal debit card and use it like a regular master card from the money in your paypal account. It is free to get and if your bank is connected to your paypal you can use it with the funds in your bank.


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