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Borrowing money? If I let someone borrow money what is the best way to ensure that I get my money back?

I have let people borrow money in the past, usually $10 or $20, but now a close friend wants to borrow rather a huge amount of money about $5000. If I let them borrow it what paperwork do I need to have to ensure that I will get my money back? Or is it a risk I will have to take?

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11 Responses to “Borrowing money? If I let someone borrow money what is the best way to ensure that I get my money back?”

  1. newjerseyguy said :

    You can have them sign a promissary note, but it is still a risk. Lending to family and friends is not a good idea unless it is truly a life or death emergency.

  2. richard t said :

    Loaning to friends,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,not too good…………….Go to one of those cheap law places for a contract…………..still doesn’t mean you will get your money back……….

  3. Angie said :

    Lending money is always a risk. The more money, the riskier. You need to write up an agreement with this person. Include the amount, the length of the loan, interest rate and when payments are due (monthly, annually, lump sum). Both of you need to sign this. If he/she doesn’t not pay you back, then you need to file with small claims court and present this document. It still doesn’t guarantee payment, but it’s the best that you will be able to do.

  4. cool said :

    way to risky

  5. WyoGirl36 said :

    I wouldn’t lend it to them unles its someone you trust VERY much. i mean, think of why they need 5 grand, they obviously havent handled money well or something, or they would probably have that money. unless it is a dire emergency like life and death, i would suggest telling them to find some other way to get the money. good luck

  6. r2mm said :

    Set up a repayment schedule, stating how much is due on specific dates. You are well under the gift tax limits, so you don’t need to worry about collecting interest, unless you want to.

    Getting your money back all depends on the credit worthiness of the borrower. But putting the repayment plan in writing and having it signed and dated by all parties will be very helpful if you have to take a default loan to the courts.

  7. Milanese said :

    The only way to be 100% sure you’ll get it back is the way banks ususally do it – get a collateral.

    Otherwise you’ll be wishing upon a star.

    Have fun!

  8. EVIE said :

    collect collateral.. like take something they have of equal value untill it is repaid.. like tv’s furnature, anything expensive they will want back, that you can hang on to untill you get your money.. just so you do not get taken advantage of.. explain that it is purely fair buisness not to take it personal.

  9. t Preston said :

    Don’t not loan out money that you cannot afford to lose.Also the best way lose your friend is to loan them the money.You will be lucky if you see your money back again. You work hard for your money to just give away. Tell your friend to go to the bank for that kind of money. People love to borrow money but hate to pay it back. But its up to you.

  10. Lissy said :

    It’s all depending in which State you live in.

    In NJ as long as you type up a letter with a letter head saying Promise to Pay Back (an example), the person you are lending the money to will need to sign it and get it notarized.

    In the letter you could say (all depends on your agreement)
    1. The amount of the loan

    2. amount of money and she/he will be paying you back weekly/bi-weekly/monthly (your agreed terms) for example; $50.00 a week

    3. Date of the amount monthly due

    4. The date which the loan should have been paid in full

    If the person that you are thinking of lending the money too has very good intentions of paying you back they shouldn’t have a problem in getting the letter notarized. Of course you should have 2 original letters notarized; one you will keep and another for him/her.

    Hope this helps……..

    Here is a link for your review if you are interested. This is a sample of a Promissory Note.

  11. yoursecretcarguy said :

    get something in collateral jewelry, fire arms (legality’s and etc) a car, TV, get them to work for you, of course know the value and legal aspects of collateral

    good luck don’t do it unless emergency


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