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What can someone do when their credit card company raises the interest by 10%?

My girlfriend is South African and has got herself into debt with an mbna credit card. She has just got a letter through the post saying that the interest is going up by 10%.
I told her to transfer the balance over to another card but she says she gets declined, her bank won’t help and she doesn’t want to go onto debt management.
From all but lending her the money,I can’t think what else to suggest, and I don’t want to do that for obvious reasons.
She can’t just pay it off thats the problem.

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7 Responses to “What can someone do when their credit card company raises the interest by 10%?”

  1. GRANOLA said :

    Pay off the debt as soon as possible and stop using credit cards…

  2. Typo said :

    Advise her to be more responsible with her finances, to spend less and start using cash, Some people just attract debt. Don’t lend any money unless you know this person very very well, as you’ll never see this money again.

  3. George said :

    If a credit card company increases your interest rate they usually provide a short period to reject the higher interest rate. While this is a short period and they will most likely close the account, you will be able to pay back the debt at the original interest rate. Hope this is helpful!

    George Smith

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