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Who are these companies on my husbands bank statements?

I’m going through a divorce and have exchanged copies of our bank statements. An extortionate amount of money has been spent with a few different companies but he won’t tell me who they are and the names are very ambiguous. I’ve reason to believe it’s strip clubs and prostitutes.

It’s not a joint bank account so how can I find out who they are? Companies House and Google have shed no light on them either.

Any suggestions?

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2 Responses to “Who are these companies on my husbands bank statements?”

  1. ERIC C said :

    Might help if you listed them! Doh!

  2. Lynne W said :

    Very ambiguous indeed, they’re not even listed here by you the asker of the question.
    Sorry hon but I’m not getting any celestial vibes here to conjure up the names.
    You say that you believe that it could be strip clubs or prostitutes, well it could be. Divorce or no divorce, the man still has sexual needs the same as you do.


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