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Is it possible to make a great profit over a month with Forex trading?

I am a beginner and trying to learn forex. Is it possible to make such gains? I intend to invest say something around £250. Also, when is the best time to buy currency? What are the strategies in finding out the best point in time to buy?

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4 Responses to “Is it possible to make a great profit over a month with Forex trading?”

  1. iansand9876 said :

    It is possible. However, it is possible to make a huge loss. Forex is high risk investing unless you know what you are doing.

  2. Big Daddy said :

    gotta try it and find out. it’s a gamble either way.

  3. guptatrigon said :

    Absolutely..However you need to know strategies to trade. Because as much is it lucrative, its equivalent risky also..

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  4. andrew f said :

    Yes, you can make a lot, but you can also lose a lot. You need to learn risk management and financial management strategies before you start.

    “The best time” depends upon your strategy, your ‘system’, your ‘rules’ and your psychology. If you are asking such a question, you are indicating you first need to get educatied.

    Each person’s “strategies” are different, appropriate to their personality. If you are good enough, you can make money no matter what the market is doing, because in 4x you can sell or buy a currency pair. My answer, again, is get educated.

    Overall, I suggest you take courses or read books on the subject.


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