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Are there any good forex books by authors that actually make money on trading?

I’m after a book introducing me to the inner workings of Forex trading. I’ve taken a quick look at a few books, but they all appear to be written by people that make a living from Forex trading, rather than writing about how to do it & providing seminars?

When you Google or Wikipedia the authors, you don’t seem to find a lot of information about them, other than they have written a book!

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3 Responses to “Are there any good forex books by authors that actually make money on trading?”

  1. Glen T said :

    Generally I find that people who make a good living from forex won’t write a good book on forex or do seminars. They might write some short reports on their secrets or develop some software that they feel is revolutionary.

    Being successful, I guess they don’t have the time or the motivation as a normal writer or educator. However, I found that some of these reports by the successful traders are more useful than a basic book on forex. They go to the point of what matters, ie making successful trades rather than theory.

  2. Foex Indicator said :

    There are quite a few actually, even in Waterstones

  3. said :

    Vraiment intéressant, je crois que cet article
    devrait intéresser une meuf


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