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How do i check my bank statement online?

Well i wish to make a payment to someone using moneybookers. I entered the amount to deposit and they took a small sum up to 2.99 out of my account. I have to check my bank statement to see the amount and verify it with moneybookers. I have a visa card and im registered with barclays bank. How do i check my bank statements online. I heard it can take a few days to phone up my bank to ask them. I just need a safe online option.

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3 Responses to “How do i check my bank statement online?”

  1. WRG said :

    Here is where you sign up for Barclay’s online banking.

  2. old know all said :

    Go to and register for personal banking. They’ll ask you all sorts of questions and you’ll need your most recent statement for some of the answers. Once you’re registered, you can log onto your account and read a statement on the screen.

  3. Jan409 said :

    You have to register first, for online banking

    If you’re not registered, then you can’t access this info online
    Their security is robust and it’s for your protection

    Many online companies charge for using credit or debit cards nowadays,it’s either a flat fee or a percentage of your total cost


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