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What does the bank do when a customer loses a visa card?

I usually use my credit card and I rarely use my Bank of America visa card. A few hours ago, I found out that my visa card is not with me; I think I lost it sometime in the past, but I don’t know when. So I told the bank that I had lost my visa card, but I am worried if someone might have used my card.

1) If someone used my visa card, am I responsible for the money that other person spent?
2) Is it possible for the bank to seach after the person who took and used my card?

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4 Responses to “What does the bank do when a customer loses a visa card?”

  1. Krista said :

    With most cards, you are only liable for $50 if you report it promptly.

    Yes, the bank might be able to find out who took your card since many stores have video surveillance. Especially if there was a lot charged on the card.

  2. Janice S said :

    Yes most banks you are only liable for the first 50.00 good thing you reported it. Better safe than sorry. I have left my card at a store by accident and even though it was turned in to lost and found I still reported it you never know who had it or if it was used.

    The bank will just issue you a new card with a new number usually just takes a few weeks at the most for the new card.

  3. Stephanie M said :

    First, they can find out that information quickly. Second, they would close the account. That way no one could use it. And most banks will not have you pay for charges that are not yours. Then they should have told you the steps that the company is making in response to the problem. Get a hold of them immediately to ensure that they are doing their job.

  4. Giovanni Brayboy said :

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