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How much does a typical bank debit card cost a shop or online merchant to process?

Say I buy an item for £20 – how much does it cost the shop to process my card for payment? Is it the same for online transactions (the charge made by the bank to the merchant)? I’m not talking about credit cards, just debit such as Maestro.

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7 Responses to “How much does a typical bank debit card cost a shop or online merchant to process?”

  1. craigcrashuk said :

    2.5% for debit and up to 4.5 for credit, thats why you can often get a cash discount!

  2. ascoile said :

    Varies according to the size of the company and the volume of business.
    E.g. Marks And Spencer will pay a lot less than a small store.
    I believe it varies from 1.75% to 6.5%

  3. dirt said :

    good question buddy, i think the chgs are all the same ……

  4. Jon said :

    I’ve never had my bank or merchant add a charge for me using my debt card. That may vary with laws from country to country, what bank you are using, and who you are buying from.

    I’m in the US and use Washington Mutual.

  5. nics said :

    2.5% i think. I went to a shop the other day and they added the 2.5% onto my total!!!! Bloody cheecky!

  6. confucious says said :

    no charges are on debit cards only on credit cards

    even RYANAIR dont charge so it is almost certainly costing them nothing or the cost would be passed on to the customer

    so the costs are zero

  7. Pharmacyclone said :

    what kind of things you selling on the internet, low risk merhcant accounts are usually for the discount rate of udner 3.00%

    but for high risk it varys like 10.00% + for pharmacy merchant accounts like providing to most of the companies there.


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