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What can I do about a bank executive that put me into a line of credit w/out my consent/knowledge?

I have two banks. In writing a check, I mistakenly grabbed the wrong check book and bounced a check (1st bad check in 14 years).

I immediately called the bank and spoke with a sales executive. He advised me to sign up for check protection so that this wouldn’t happen again. Nothing else was discussed, no papers signed, nothing sent to me in writing.

I thought this was a gratuity by the bank for being a loyal customer, so I said ok; I had no idea this was actually a line of credit with finance charges, interest, and my personal credit report accessed (which lowers your credit score).

I didn’t catch it on the first statement as I travel extensively, but I did catch it on the second statement. I called the bank. They refused to help me when I asked for a letter of deletion for the credit bureaus. I stated that there was no disclosure of any loan.

I took this up the chain of command. I feel that since there was no disclosure, this is illegal, and the bank refuses to help .

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2 Responses to “What can I do about a bank executive that put me into a line of credit w/out my consent/knowledge?”

  1. Craig T said :

    Sorry, but ONE hard inquiry does not lower your credit score

  2. vegas_vixen24 said :

    If you did in fact agree to it it is completely legal, but you still should have received disclosures about the service and it should have been explained better. Generally the bank would require your signature for a line of credit, unless it is a credit card. Also when anyone pulls your credit it only affects your score by fractions of a point.


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