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How are bank employees paid, since the money in the bank is ours?

How are bank employees paid, assuming that the money we (and corporations) put in the bank is ours/theirs. Where do banks get the money from to pay its employees?

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11 Responses to “How are bank employees paid, since the money in the bank is ours?”

  1. helpme1 said :

    It all comes from the Fed Government.
    The government giveth
    and the government taketh away (taxes)

  2. Taylor h said :

    government? intrest rates? taxes?

  3. mthomas720 said :

    The bank has a bank account which it uses to pay its employees.

  4. wishywashy said :

    they gain interest from it thats why you cant take all if it out at once if you have a large amount

  5. starrygirl said :

    i think the state pays them

  6. kearneyconsulting said :

    Banks pay their employees with the profits they garner from investing the depositors money.

  7. stormieserenity said :

    Don’t they use our money to make investments, which they earn dividends off of, and that is why they pay us interest to keep our money in their bank? I’m not sure about that, just a suggestion 🙂

  8. jackie said :

    They loan out that money and make interest on it. Bank employees are paid very poorly. Tellers who actually handle the money all day are paid the worst. Most make a few dollars over minimum wage. You know the wages our president tells everyone Americans won’t work for.

  9. jamie s said :

    It is your money but do you think they have every ones money in the bank. I don’t think everyone could go to the bank at the same exact time and close there accounts and expect to be paid. They invest money and I am sure they some money from that!

  10. Rody said :

    The bank does not work with our money only. That is only a small part!! it gets money from interests on loans and other interests, from the exchanging rates of money (when people change money into another currency) and other services they supply.

  11. Angelina said :

    The bank makes it’s money from revenue earned on different products sold… ie: checking accounts,, savings accounts,,…. investments… loans,, etc..etc….. !!! That is how its’ employee’s are paid… along with bonuses incentives….


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