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How do I change benefit payment details so they get paid into a different bank account?

I am currently recieving disability living allowance and also income support with the severe disability premium. How do I change banks so that they pay into a different bank account because I have had to change banks.

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7 Responses to “How do I change benefit payment details so they get paid into a different bank account?”

  1. G.xi said :


  2. ProDrive said :

    Call the the people who send you the checks. You cannot change anything from the bank its be delivered to. You must go to the source.

  3. TrickyTinkTricia said :

    Ring or write to them and supply your new account details and BSB number and request for them to cease the old account details straight away.

  4. Kevin M said :

    (You have to report a change of details in writing)

    Write a letter to:

    Disability Living Allowance Unit
    Warbreck House
    Warbreck Hill
    FY2 0YE

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am writing to report a change of Bank Account details for payment of my Disability Living Allowance benefit.
    My National Insurance Number is: ** ** ** *
    Please would you amend my bank account information with immediate effect.

    My old details are:

    Sort Code – ** ** **
    a/c Number – 0*******
    Bank: The Hypothetical Bank of the UK

    My new details are:

    Sort Code:
    a/c Number:

    Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further queries. My contact telephone number is: (01***) *** ***
    Thank You for your assistance

    Yours Faithfully

  5. Scouse said :

    You will have a notification from the pension people telephone them. If you do not know the number directory enquiries will help you. I would start with Newcastle upon Tyne Social Security if it is not them they will tell you who

  6. the font oak said :

    I reckon it’s a scam to achieve some fraudulent end!!!

  7. peterdguest2000 said :

    Easy just send details of new account to the benefit agency and they will change it on their computer go to the web site of the department handling the money and phone them and they will ask security questions and then exchange it for you Dave


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