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What time of day should money get paid into my bank?

Some money was supposed to be going in today, i’ve just checked my bank online and it hasnt gone in yet.

Is there a chance it will still go in today?

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7 Responses to “What time of day should money get paid into my bank?”

  1. XXshelleyXX said :

    usually payments will go in at 1 minute past midnight…all payments into my account do any way

  2. [email protected] said :

    9-5 weekdays for checks- 24 hrs 7days for online

  3. dreambelle said :

    mine always clears at 2am

  4. RICHARD B said :

    money should go in over night

  5. lizhang41 said :

    maybe you should ask to bank the reason

  6. Steve B said :

    UK ? .. could be anytime .. some (mainly the older, established ones, with Mainframe back-office systems) Banks only ‘update’ their on-line systems daily / overnight, others do it by ‘batch’ runs hourly .. the more ‘modern’ (“Internet Only”) Banks / Building Societies may even run ‘real-time’ ..

    The “last” time today will be just before 4pm = so if you check after 4 & it’s not there you won’t see it until Monday.

    [they stop changing the balance numbers at 4pm so they have stable accounts whilst running the daily ‘consolidation’ runs]

  7. Swansea said :

    yeah if the person who pays you do it by bacs and they bank with the same bank as you it will be instant but if they bank with someone els and it was meant to get to you today it wont go into your account today. phone you bank and they will tell you if you have anythihng due in tomorow


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