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Do you have to produce the credit card a flight is booked with?

I have not travelled to Canada in a number of years. When booking a flight does the credit card that is used to book with still need to be produced?

I hope that you can help me with this.

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3 Responses to “Do you have to produce the credit card a flight is booked with?”

  1. agius1520 said :

    If you are collecting the tickets at the airport then yes they are likely to want to see the credit card as extra security, if they are posting out the tickets to you then they will probably not check. Although its worth asking the place you buy the tickets from.

  2. blaster 2 said :

    No you do not have to produce the credit card….all you need to have is your booking reference and identification(passport,driving license etc).
    Providing the name on the booking matches up with the name on your id nothing else will be asked for…

  3. averagebear said :

    Sometimes you do. I have had to produce the credit card at check-in and the agent entered the security code, without which the system would not give me a boarding pass. Now many US domestic travelers would think this is unusual. I should explain this was international travel for a ticket that was bought from one country with billing address in another country, and departing from yet another country.
    If you are traveling from the US to Canada with US issued credit card, then I’m pretty sure you don’t need to show the card.


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