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Any Website which provide free Forex Trading Signal?

I am very interested in Forex Trading but find its very difficult to identify the currency pair in which I should trade. Is there any site which provides free Live Trading Signals with high Accuracy.

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6 Responses to “Any Website which provide free Forex Trading Signal?”

  1. Wiseman said :

    Forex trading has so many variables that it is difficult to accurately predict what the market is going to do. There will always be risks, regardless of what advice you get. The way to mitigate the risks is to be pragmatic and set your stop-loss and take-profit limits, decide the timeframe that you expect the market to move in your favour and stick to them.

    You will find a lot of useful information at

    good luck with your trading

  2. Common Sense said :

    Ah…. it seems so easy. Believing there’s a web site that will help you make money for free is… not realistic. It’s impossible to duplicate anyones performance…. even the FX signal services charging $500 a month (assuming they’re legit in the first place).

    Success in FX trading takes a lot of hard work & a lot of time. Unless you can put in 100%…. don’t bother.

  3. Warren534_FuturesTrader said :

    If you had trading signals that had a high degree of accuracy, would you give them away for free? Stop looking for a free ride. If you truly want to make money in forex, then you need to do your own research and analysis.

  4. loudsong said :

    Get best forex tips and forex product reviews here :

    Free and good content

  5. RFITZ2010 said :

    There are loads of websites offering, forex robots, forex systems, live signals etc, most are useless and don’t invest in. Free are very rare, best bet is to find websites that provide commentary for free and keep tabs on them through RSS or just daily visits, so you understand the levels the markets are looking at. Main exchanges like CBOE, CBOT etc forums forexfactory etc daily commentary
    If you are starting out from scratch don’t trade volatile pairs like GBP/USD EUR/USD GBP/JPY etc until you really understand the markets. Find lesser volatile pairs with less movement i.e EUR/GBP EUR/CHF

    Sites I have found useful. ( Good forum all levels ) ( Good overview on trading mistakes, commentary updated daily)
    dailyfx – commentary

  6. mark mc donnell said :

    I believe I can help you. My Trading Plan Service and signals from The Forex Heatmap ™.

    Forexearlywarning provides spot forex trading plans twice daily across 22 currency pairs.

    We use multiple timeframe analysis and analyze up to 15 different timeframes on 22 currency pairs daily to prepare our trading plans. The analysis of the forex market is by pair groupings, (GBP pairs, AUD pairs, USD pairs, etc.) We send out specific price alarm points in our trading plans to set at critical areas of support and resistance on a substantial number of pairs.

    For entry management we use The Forex Heatmap ™.

    This tool is highly effective and is a real-time visual map of the spot forex. Version 2.0 of The Forex Heatmap ™ is now available

    This is The Forex Heatmap ™ – Version 2.0 This is a real time visual map of the spot forex and it tells you what pair is the best to trade and which direction. This unique forex trade entry management system organizes a vast amount of data from 8 different individual currency families and the data is presented as a simple visual map to provide forex trade entry management for 25 currency pairs. It is live in the market all of the time from Sunday night through Friday afternoon and is always available. Learn to enter forex trades without any technical indicators.

    The system is not free but you can get a free 30 day trial that is available to all forex traders

    After that its $19.95 per month which is the lowest price in the business. We have been in business 4.5 years and have issued over 2200 trading plans as of this writing. We have clients in 20 countries.

    LIke I said not free but as close as you can get. Before signing up for the free trial you can read the website thoroughly or contact the company and we can show you how to check it our before any money changes hands. Its best for you and us that we do it that way.

    Mark Mc Donnell
    Yahoo Answers Level 3 Responder


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