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How you generate the forex signals?

i would like to know how you can generate forex signal,

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2 Responses to “How you generate the forex signals?”

  1. Carolina B said :

    Forex signals which identify the right price to Buy or Sell are generated from software programs in which we set all our criteria for trading. Many of these forex signal generating software programs have some sort of in-built intelligence probably built from historical results.

    To generate forex signals all you need is to set your variables and load your data. You will then get your forex signals generated.

    There are many forex signal generating software in the market. Forex killer is the first auto-generating forex signal that I tried out and till now, about 9 months, i have had some good signals quite consistently. I have tried a few other signal providers on subscription basis but have got mixed results. Only forex automoney gives decent results. Of course this depends on your trading style and what is bad for me may be good for someone else.

  2. Sharri Mcmillian said :

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