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How do i go about reclaiming overcharged bank charges ?

How do i go about geting 6 years worth of bank statements from the bank (Lloyds) and under take reclaiming back the unfair charges ??

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4 Responses to “How do i go about reclaiming overcharged bank charges ?”

  1. Robin the Math & Sci Guru said :

    Read this:,24632,

    It’s also got template letters you can send off to your bank.

  2. Witchywoo said :

    Generally you would request the statements from the bank but be prepared to be charged an exorbitant amount for this “service” – I’ve heard of ridiculous charges of up to £10 per statement and if you are looking at 6 years worth….

    They may, however, decide to furnish you with the statements for free, the only way you will know is by writing them a letter and seeing what they have to say.

    Be warned though that there is a test case going through the courts at the moment which will determine the future outcome for these claims. As a result a lot of small claims courts are refusing applications until the test case has been decided.

    Also, should you be successful in claiming your charges back, then be aware that when the bank pays you out, they might choose to close your account (just to make your life difficult one last time) so I would advise you to open another account elsewhere just in case.

    It can be a very lengthy process and some banks are more difficult to deal with than others. Just stick with it, don’t accept their first offer and keep a record of everything in case you end up in court.

    Good luck!

  3. richardwales79 said :

    You may have to pay a fee to the bank to get 6 years worth of statements, and then if you go into google & type reclaim bank charges you should get loads of hits showing companies who will take it on for you.

  4. Jolanda Schwoerer said :

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