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What is the English word for the machine you insert credit card in to make purchase in shop or pay hotel?

In France, it is called a TPV (Terminal Point De Vente) but I don’t know in English, and as a teacher I’m always expected to know the answer. It is not an ATM (Automated Teller Machine), which is a cashmachine for a bank. What I’m looking for it the electronic device, in which you insert your credit card, followed by your confidential code to make a payment in a shop or hotel. Perhaps, someone can also give me the name of the manual device used to make a credit card imprint in a hotel. Thanks a million.

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14 Responses to “What is the English word for the machine you insert credit card in to make purchase in shop or pay hotel?”

  1. sues said :

    chip and pin

  2. Dog rover166 said :

    It’s just called a credit card chip and pin machine.

  3. sian h said :

    hole in the wall or atm or mabey chip and pin

  4. Bethany R said :

    POS point of sale machine.

  5. Ginger said :

    Chip and pin machine

  6. gracel313 said :

    In Canada we call them debit machines

  7. stickadiddle said :

    Chip and pin. It’s rather alarming that you as a teacher didn’t know that given all the publicity about them when they were first introduced.

  8. louisesept1970 said :

    cashpoint or chip and pin

  9. Tina UM said :

    Chip and Pin

  10. buffyxuk said :

    I believe the machines are more properly known as EPoS (electronic point of sale) machines. Chip and pin refers to the system of using a pin number instead of a signature.
    I don’t know about the manual card imprinter – the only time I’ve ever used one I referred to it as the “credit card thingy”, which for all I know may be the proper name!

  11. Stephen I said :

    Chip & Pin Terminal

    The other is a Card or Manual Imprinter.

  12. zevvie1 said :

    Do you mean the old machines where they put a triple receipt in and then your card and “swiped” them? That’s the only thing I can think of and I believe they are obsolete now.

  13. Rick said :

    POS (point of sale) terminal/machine
    merchant terminal/machine
    eftpos terminal/machine

  14. Rick said :

    the manual device is a card imprinter or “click clack” machine


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