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What credit card company processes transactions quickly into the system?

When I make a purchase with my debit card and go home to check my bank account , the purchase is already in the system. But when I use my credit card it takes at least a couple days. If there are any credit card companies that process as fast as using a debit card, please let me know, Thanks

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3 Responses to “What credit card company processes transactions quickly into the system?”

  1. bdancer222 said :

    It depends more on who the merchant uses to process the credit cards than the actual credit card company. Most credit card transactions are processed thru third party processors. While debit card transactions go directly to the bank.

  2. KKup said :

    It honestly does depend on the merchant. If the merchant has a good processing contract, the stuff posts in real time. If they do not have a good contract, the stuff can take days to post.

  3. cnv said :

    The norm with most credit card companies is at least a couple of days for the purchases to show up. They are all the same, they do not work like a debit card.


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