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What are the time limits for cancelling a credit card deposit for a hotel booking?

I have made a reservation at a hotel and paid the deposit by credit card. It is a non refundable deposit. Is there any way I can reclaim it?

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5 Responses to “What are the time limits for cancelling a credit card deposit for a hotel booking?”

  1. luddite said :

    It’s non-refundable. It means you can’t get your money back.

  2. kelsey said :

    Sometimes even if a hotel has a no refund policy you can get your money back if you or someone in your party is sick and has medical documentation. Whatever the reason you need to cancel, try to call the hotel and explain the situation. You may get someone who is sympathetic and decides to let you off the hook. If that doesn’t work, you might try calling your credit card company and disputing the charges. Good luck!

  3. H_A_V_0_C said :

    I love the term “non-refundable deposit”.

    Everytime somebody gives me that one, I ask, “Why don’t you just call it a FEE?”

    What hotel has non-refundable room deposits? Unless you cancelled too close to the check in day.

    Outside of speaking to the manager of the hotel; or if you happen to have an elite-level credit card, you could see if you credit card company could help you in disputing the charge; I don’t see much chance of getting the “deposit” back.

    Usually a deposit is refundable up to a certain time. With most hotels it is 72 or 48 hours. Some hotels offer 24-hour or less cancellations and still will refund in full. But in general, if you cancel the day you are supposed to check in, you will lose the deposit.

  4. Feinschmecker said :

    The deposit is stated to be non-refundable. It’s only a deposit, not the whole amount. If you’d paid the full amount in advance, you would probably have a claim. As it is, you don’t.

    The deposit is charged so that the hotel doesn’t lose everything because the guest cancels.

    You may be able to claim off your travel insurance, if you have any, providing the cancellation was because of illness or death.

    If it’s a deposit for a booking many months in advance the hotel might be willing to refund a portion of it. However, they’ve incurred costs already in handling the booking and what you’ve been paying for is them holding those rooms available for you should you decide to use them and you have no legal or even moral claim for a refund.

  5. SD said :

    Personally I read ALL the fine print on the weebsites before I make a reservation. A lot of them stipulate that once you made a deposit you can’t get a refund, which is so stupid because you aren’t even staying there! It’s a way they make money. If they stated there is a no return for money, you will be hard pressed to get your money back, because it ‘said so’. Again, it’s stupid, but if you tried sueing or something you’d be in the red because it would cost you more to fight it than the actual room was worth or the deposit.


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