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What do online stores do with your credit card number after you make or cancel a purchase?

What do online stores do with your credit card number after you cancel a purchase or make a purchase? After canceling an order by phone, I’m wondering what they do with my credit card number I gave them before canceling.

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4 Responses to “What do online stores do with your credit card number after you make or cancel a purchase?”

  1. YouTube said :

    it will get stored in a database most likely by the processor the merchant has in place

  2. chuck m said :

    Today most of the transaction are now done electronically, and if the merchant is doing things correctly and the employees are honest, you CC Number is not available to anyone in the store. When you give someone a CC number over the phone they are required to enter it into a computer or electronic keypad, for security, paper slips with you full CC number are a thing of the past and are less then 1 %. Merchants do not like this method because they are charged a HIGHER percentage to process those type of transactions( then they make less money). With the new electronic reciepts only the last 4 digits of you card number print on the reciept or any paper work at the store.
    The CC companies require the store owner to take certain step to secure you information and keep it private, if they don’t they can lose the right to be a CC merchant and accept the various cards. I don’t have the exact numbers but Cash uses is on the decline and CC/Debit card uses is increase every year. Any merchant who loses the ability accept CC is losing alot of business, a good reason to keep the merchant honest.

  3. Ambily D said :

    After canceling they just delete it from their database…

    The programme is like that being a software professional i can assure it…

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