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What kind of Credit Card processor should i use to accept credit cards at an arts and crafts fair?

I’m going to have a booth at an arts and crafts fair. I’m not sure how to accept credit cards. do i have to go with the manual cordless credit card machine or are there more options. thanks
How do i get the wireless equipment free?

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3 Responses to “What kind of Credit Card processor should i use to accept credit cards at an arts and crafts fair?”

  1. robert w said :

    we use it may be of value to u.
    we are mobil at numerous site so it works over the phone with no problems at a reasonable price.

  2. Merris said :

    Merchant e-Solutions is currently the only processor that has it’s own card verification program (Trident), making it cheaper to use.
    The best practice for accepting cards is to ALWAYS have a signed, swiped draft. This proves that you saw the card, checked the ID and have the cardholder’s signature.
    NEVER alter the draft in any way, don’t write over the card numbers to make them more visible or the receipt becomes invalid.
    If you don’t use a wireless terminal to swipe the card, use a manual imprinter, also known as a knuckle-buster. This will also count as proof of the card being present.
    Any sort of refund or return policy MUST be initialed by the cardholder or printed on the receipt that they sign. Visa is very detail-oriented when it comes to terms and conditions.
    Run your batch within seven days or the authorizations from Visa are no longer valid. Cardholder banks will dispute a late transaction without ever notifying the cardholder.
    It may seem like you’re being picky but the real cardholders will appreciate the care and you’ll avoid chargebacks from scam artists.

  3. seafairy2005 said :

    For a booth at an arts and crafts fair you would definitely want to use a wireless credit card terminal. Swiping the card gives you a lower discount rate. Never lease your equipment. Get it for free or buy it.You want to find a company that has no annual fees, no start-up costs, no application fees, a low discount rate, low transaction fee, & do not pay for training on your equipment. Never sign a contract with out reading all of it. Some sales people will tell you things and it turns out differently. Take care of yourself and your business. 🙂
    I have done research on all of these companies before. Simple Payment Systems is the best and meets all that I have stated above. I am completely satisfied with them.
    I did look into and there were many complaints online about them.
    You can go to the web site below and call them or fill out the form and they will call you.
    Best wishes!

    Tell them you want the”Free Terminal Program” (On the web site it showed which terminals are on it. ) I hope this helps!


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