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What’s the cheapest way to change currency from a French bank account to a UK one?

I’ve been working in France for the last 6 months and I’m due to go back to Britain soon. I plan to close my French account and take any money from it home with me, but I don’t know what the cheapest method would be. Is it better to try and arrange a bank transfer from my French account to my UK one, or would just simply taking the money in cash to a bureau de change be the cheaper option? I understand there will be a charge for both services, but I don’t know which would be cheaper. What would you recommend? Thank you!

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4 Responses to “What’s the cheapest way to change currency from a French bank account to a UK one?”

  1. john178707 said :

    I would say that unless the amount is very large cash may be the cheapest especially if you already have a UK bank account, however the amount may make this rather more risky as cash is easily stolen. With a transfer you may incur charges both from the French bank and your UK one.

  2. Nutty Girl said :

    If the bank u deal with has cirrus on the bank card you can use it the uk so it means you can just leave it in the bank and withdraw when needed .
    If it was me and I didn’t have cirrus i’d probably withdraw all the money and go to my english banks bureau de exchange.

  3. cross_sox said :

    i would see if you could arrange a transfer through your bank from your french account to your british one, this would be less hassle, there maybe a small fee. you could get an international money order made out to you in pounds, there is a fee for this.
    failing that you may have no option but to withdraw and change your money over here. if you have to do that then ask the bank where your new account is if they will change it. you may get a better rate of exchange or pay less of a fee as you are their customer.

  4. shawLl said :

    transfer it into french bank in the UK


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