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What exactly is Western Union Money transfer and how do I use it to send money?

My friend is currently backpacking around Asia, I recieved an email from him today which was very brief, he said he had got into some bother and needs money quickly, he asked me to send him some money via Western Union and that I must not tell his parents or his sister, all very mysterious but he said he would explain and give back my money when he gets back in October.
Anyway, I’m happy to send the money but I’v got no idea what Western Union is or how I would send money to him using it.
Can somebody please explain it to me?

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5 Responses to “What exactly is Western Union Money transfer and how do I use it to send money?”

  1. Insomniac said:

    Western Union is a rather dodgy money transfer system, you would go to a W-U branch, (web-search to find one) pay them say 100 pounds that you want him to get, and then they inform their branch in his country in Asia that the funds are present, and then they pay him.

    Are you SURE this came from your friend? It would be better to hear his voice over the phone ask for this money.

  2. myself:) said:

    western union is just a way to electronically transfer money. its very reliable.
    just look up a location on the internet.. they are ussually in grocery stores or a post office.
    it cost us about 20 dollars to do it though.

  3. Sonnie said:

    Go to you can send money to almost anybody outside the US for a fee. I think the fee for sending money is $16. just make sure you know her exact location. All information you need is already in the website. You do not need to find a Western Union facility (mostly in grocery) to do this.

  4. [email protected] said:

    It`s just a way of sending money around the world.

    You`ll need your credit or debit card of course, and sufficient funds in the bank.

    It`s a simple process and you can trust it (I have used it several times). The first time you use it can be a bit complicated, but nothing you can`t handle.
    If you can meet this criteria, you can do the lot anytime from your computer.
    But make sure the money IS going to your friend (many people send money via Western Union – and it turns out to be a scam) . Western Union worries about their services being used for scams, and will probably ask you some very searching questions to ascertain exactly who this money is going to.
    I think this is their phone number: 0800833 833 (but verify it on the web). Have patience with the guy on the other end of the phone, they are invariably foreigners speaking english – very polite tho.
    Good luck.

  5. ? said:

    Best way is to look for a local shop with the sign outside.You have to fill in a form giving details about you, your friend, and in what country he wants to collect it; hand over the money, tell your friend the reference number you will be given,and the amount sent.


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